Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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So a couple of weeks ago, we went to see Santa. I had purchased a photo session with Stacy Jacobson, who is a fabulous photographer, if you live in Washington, you have to go see her! Anyways it was at Windmill Gardens in Sumner (45 min drive for us) we got there way early and of course Dylan was asleep. So we woke him up and played in the gardens, he loved the pond! We realized it was time to go in. For some reason, Dylan just loves Stacy. He lights up and laughs, which is a good thing. He did decide to take off, so I had to run and catch him. then it was time for Santa, now Dylan had no problem with him before but as soon as I put him on his lap, it was holy tantrum! So that's why you see me holding Dylan next to Santa. We did have a good time and the pictures turned out well. Maybe next year, he will like Santa. xoxo Robyn
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