Monday, December 6, 2010

The end????

I'm wide awake at midnight, worried beyond belief.Today is D day, the day where our life goes into chaos.
   My boyfriend also known as douchebag has pretty much ruined my life.  My credit is at an all time low, he makes me feel like a horrible person all the time. The only good thing is my son Dylan. 
    But this time, the douche is affecting my child.  He has yelled at him over tiny things. He is in constant jerk mode and I'm scared
  Today is also the day when my phone gets shut off and my landlord wants us out, unless we come up with 2 months rent ($1720)
I am just so upset right now.  I have done all I can do and charities/orgs have had no money to give me.  When we were out of food, my sweet friend Kara packed some for me.
  I don't know where I'm going with this. I just maybe need some advice, prayers,  maybe a Knight in shining armor will come to me with
$3000. Hey a girl can wish................
xoxo Robyn

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