Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reflection and new years resolutions

I know this is a few days early but I've been sick in bed all day and thinking. So my my mom died when I was 17 and I didn't handle it well at all, I basically bottled up all my grief and pushed everyone in my life away. I also started college a year early, well college means college boys and I went through a pretty bad phase. I met David a year later and basically thought he was my saviour, looking back I realized he preyed upon a young lost girl. Our relationship was pretty much doomed from the start. He basically took away any of my independence and forced me to depend on him, which is not good. Well now I am trying to fix me, try to figure out who I really am. Recently I reached out to my aunt and my father, both welcomed me with open arms and they love Dylan. That was a great start. Now I am searching for a job. I am also enrolling in the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute to become an esthetician. So in a year, I will be doing what I love! I also am looking for a two bedroom away from the city. I decided Seattle isn't the best place for Dylan plus we are a million miles away from family, so it just makes sense. This year is going to be very tough, but we deserve a better life than what we are living. I don't know if that made any sense.... Ok New Years Resolutions!!! *Fix my car *get healthy and lose 15 lbs *save money!!! *run with Dylan everyday *volunteer at food bank What are yours??? Xoxo
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